Harford teachers Endorse Councilman Joe Woods For Re-Election [The Aegis - Letter]

Councilman Joe Woods is the consummate community leader. The challenges that he has faced throughout his life have informed his adroit leadership and sensitivity to the diverse needs of his community.

Throughout his service on the Harford County Council, Mr. Woods has served his community well, balancing the needs of divergent interests while fostering the common good.

His leadership as Harford County’s MACO designee and his work on the education subcommittee, taxation subcommittee and legislative initiatives subcommittee benefit our entire county.

Joe has served our community as a sheriff’s deputy, fireman and rescue volunteer. He is supportive of businessmen and working people.

Joe is an outstanding council member and leader. He is always available to address the concerns of his constituents.

He has supported our teachers and students throughout his time on the council. He has my support and the support of our educators. The voters in District B could not ask for a better representative on the Harford County Council.

HCEA calls on all voters in District B to cast their vote to re-elect Councilman Joe Woods.

HCEA vets all candidates for endorsement through a careful selection process, which includes completion of a questionnaire and interviews with educators. All candidates are given the opportunity to participate in the HCEA endorsement process.


Ryan Burbey
Harford County Education Association

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